The Institute makes its research materials available through various publications, including books, working papers, and conference presentations. It also lists draft and unpublished research available in the discussion boards section of the CITI Website. CITI currently has several projects in progress, which include:


Consortium on the Next Generation of Video and Cloud TV

CITI is creating a consortium to bring together academic researchers, industry, and government to think about and discuss the next generation video: technology, business implcations and public policy. The consortium will create a blue ribbon panel to present findings and recommendations. Project Leader: Eli Noam

Media and Information Management Book Series

A professional book series, 4 volume series being single-authored by Eli Noam.

  • Media Finance & Accounting
  • Media Marketing & Distribution
  • Media Regulation and Intellectual Assets
  • Media Technology and Production

Over 8,000 pages have been written. Anticipated completion 2014.

Media Concentration and Ownership Around the World: Who Owns the World’s Media?

Drawing on our project on American Media Concentration and Ownership, CITI recruited authors from 30 countries to contribute country reports using a common methodology. CITI has been editing those 30 chapters as well as creating 8 overarching and summarizing chapters. The current manuscript stands at over 2,000 manuscript pages and will be published by the Oxford University Press in 2014. A copy of the Table of Contents is below:

      Who Owns the World’s Media?


      by Eli M. Noam and contributing authors


      Part I. Introduction and Overview


      Part II. Methodology


      Part III. Country Chapters


      Media Concentration in Europe


      • Belgium – Jo Groebel and Peggy Valcke
      • Finland – Robert Picard
      • France – Patrick Badillo, Dominique Bougeois, and Jean-Baptiste Lesourd
      • Germany – Julia Bösch, Max-Josef Meier, Philipp Rösch-Schlanderer, and Achim Wolf
      • Ireland – Paschal Preston and Roderick Flynn
      • Italy – Benedetta Prario and Giuseppe Richer
      • Netherlands – Joost van Dreunen
      • Portugal – Paulo Faustino
      • Russia – Elena Vartanova
      • Spain – Alfonso Sánchez Tabernero and Juan Pablo Artero
      • Sweden – Robert Picard
      • Switzerland – Dominique Bourgeois
      • United Kingdom – Petros Iosifidis

      Media Concentration in Asia and the Pacific Region

      • Australia – Rodney Tiffen and Franco Papandrea
      • China – Min Hang, Bauguo Cui, and Xiaoqun Zhang
      • India – Anuradha Bhattachariee and Tapasya Banerjee
      • Japan – Koichiro Hayashi and Kiyoshi Nakamura, et al.
      • Korea – Daeho Kim and Seongcheol Kim
      • Taiwan – Yu-Li Liu, Ru-Shou Robert Chen, Yuntsai Chou, Chun-Fa Chuang, Kuo-Feng Tseng, and Ping-Hung Chen

      Media Concentration in Africa and the Middle East

      • Egypt – Nagla Rizk, Nadine Weheba, and Mariam El Abd
      • Israel – Amit Scheiter and Moran Yemini
      • South Africa – Petrus H. Potgieter and George Angelopulo
      • Turkey – Huseyin Bayazit

      Media Concentration in the Western Hemisphere

      • Canada – Dwayne Winseck
      • United States – Eli Noam
      • Argentina – Guillermo Mastrini, Martin Becerra, and Ana Bizberge
      • Brazil – Sonia Virginia Moreira
      • Chile – Sergio Godoy Etcheverry
      • Mexico – Jose-Carlos Lozano, Juan Enrique Huerta, and Rodrigo Gomez

      Part IV. Summary Chapters

      • Media Industries
      • Media Companies
      • Country Comparisons
      • Media Owners
      • Media Metrics Around the World
      • Conclusions


Broadband Network Investments and Deployments

In 2010, responding to a request from the FCC for academic research on the state of broadband penetration in America, CITI published a report on broadband penetration and capital investments by broadband providers in America. This report was updated in 2011 and can be viewed here. An updated 3rd edition is being issued in late 2013. Authors are Ivy Schultz and Bob Atkinson


Broadband as a Platform for Video Media in Africa

Judith O’Neil and Darcy Gerbarg are leading the publication of a book on the topic of online video in Africa as a catalyst for infrastructure investment, anticipated in 2014.  More information.


A continuation of work on gigabit networks. Project Leader: Eli Noam


Impact of Broadband and ICT on National Economies

Project Leader: Dr. Raul Katz


Spectrum Auctions

Project Director: Dr. David Salant


Mobile Money and Virtual Currencies

Project Director: Dr. Leon Perlman


International Media Management Academic Association (IMMAA)

Eli Noam is the 2013/2014 Chairman of IMMAA. CITI helped to organize IMMAAs 2013 conference in Lisbon and its 2014 conference in Moscow. During the Lisbon conference over 80 papers were presented from researchers in 30 countries. The 2014 IMMAA conference will take place in Moscow in October 2014.

International Media Textbook

CITI has begun the process of creating a textbook on the topic of International Media Business. The book will focus on 12 media industries, their history, and their importance for media managers and professionals. Project leader: Eli Noam We have generated an early draft.


Media Ownership and Concentration in America

Professor Noam is updating his previous findings and adding information for journal publications.