The Media Program is a unique approach to the study of media management. It was inaugurated in the 1992-93 academic year as an MBA concentration, and chaired by Eli Noam until 2003. It is now co-chaired by Jonathan Knee and Miklos Sarvary.

The concentration is designed for students interested in converging areas of:

  • mass media such as television, film, and arts & entertainment
  • telecommunications and electronic network services
  • information systems, including computers and office automation
  • “Information Management,” a rapidly growing function responsible for the management of companies information flows
  • electronic commerce

The philosophy of the concentration is to: (a) create synergies across divisions, such as Marketing, Finance, Management of Organizations, Business Economics, etc. (b) prepare students for the merging of the major components of the information sector – media, communications, computers, information systems, etc. The curriculum provides the inter-media exposure and perspective needed to succeed in the future information environment. (c) take advantage of Columbia’s location in New York, the country’s most significant business and information center.