On May 8th 2017, CITI will be hosting a webinar, co-organized with the Centre for European Policy Studies(CEPS), on the Encryption Dilemma.  The discussion will focus on differences between the United States and Europe, where policy is going and where it should be going, as well as issues of privacy and national security.  More information about the event is available below.

Click Here for the event agenda as well as registration.

On June 8th and 9th 2017, CITI will be continuing its annual Digital Financial Services conference.  This year it will be a two day summit on the Columbia Campus.  The summit looks at disruptive effects and implementation of emerging & mobile payments, as well as digital financial services, blockchain & cryptocurrencies in the developing & developed worlds.
The summit provides a unique opportunity to both hear and interact with a select group of high level and impacting speakers who cover the Fintech and payments technology ecosystem.  Key topics also include big data, Regtech, blockchain, compliance, banking, mobile money, mobile payments, merchant payments, identity, AI, startups, VCs and venture funding, innovation hubs, payment security and impact investing.
 The full agenda for both days, as well as registration is available at http://www.dfssummit.com.
Some of the groups represented by the speakers include: