Do We Need a National I-Media Commission?

January 25th 2019

In an era of accelerating technological and business change, the question is whether the existing regulatory institutions fit the changing environment.  The pressure points include:

  1. New types of media and applications, in particular the Internet, online video, apps, and the Internet of Things
  2. The global reach of providers
  3. Emerging issues such as:
    • Data privacy and security
    • Social media control of usage
    • Algorithms in the individualization of content, pricing, and advertising
    • Anonymity and cryptography
    • Non-discrimination by networks and platforms
    • Big data and marketing practices
    • Media trade barriers

Dealing with such issues can be done in several ways:

  1. A libertarian regime with vanishing regulation.
  2. Status quo regulation, with issues dealt with by existing government agencies
  3. Creation of new single-issue agencies for new issues, such as a Federal Privacy Commission along the European model.
  4. A converged agency to cover the emerging issues of the wider electronic information sector.

Each of these approaches has shortcomings such as overlaps, gaps, single-issue perspectives, lack of expertise, and lack of coordination. Others may run counter to basic policy principles of Western democracies.

The purpose of the conference is to:

  1. Identify new types of issues,
  2. What regulatory structure– if any—to deal with them.

Introduction to Payment Systems & Faster payments

May 9th 2019

About This Webinar: Beginning with the introduction of UK Faster Payments in 2008, there are now dozens of faster payment systems in operation or being developed.  This webinar traces the emergence of these systems, exploring how faster payment systems are both different from and similar to traditional bank-based payment systems.  Importantly, the webinar will explore the implications of faster payment systems for emerging economies, issues for industry participants and policymakers and where these systems sit alongside other innovations.
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Cyber-Risk in Financial Services Conference

June 28, 2019

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