CITI played a role in co-founding the campus-wide Ph.D. program in Communications. The goal of the program is to “connect the strengths of the Columbia journalism tradition with intellectual work in the humanities and human sciences in a way that enhances the practice of and our understanding of journalism.”

The program offers an interdisciplinary approach to students in one of four specialities (Journalism and Public Life, Social Impact of Media, Economics and Regulation of Communications, Information and Technological Systems) and brings together faculty and courses from other departments and Columbia divisions, including Political Science and Sociology, and the schools of Business, Law, and Engineering. Successful completion of the program indicates a mastery of the theory, technology, economics and social aspects of communications and media. The Director of the program is Prof. Todd Gitlin. Other faculty include Prof. Richard JohnProf. Michael Schudson, and Prof. Andie Tucher.