First Impressions for the New Administration and Congress: 
What’s on the Telecom, Internet, and ICT Agenda?

November 10th 2016

In what ways will the election results affect  policies such as:
  • network neutrality
  • spectrum and spectrum allocation
  • Internet regulation
  • broadband deployment/digital divide
  • set-top boxes
  • internet governance
  • privacy
  • attitudes towards M&A
  • ownership
  • surveillance
  • free speech and child protection
  • copyrights and piracy
  • network upgrades
What new initiatives might be on the agendas of Congress and the new Administration?
The seminar is organized and moderated by Robert Atkinson. Public policy experts from all sides will discuss their hopes, expectations, and recommendations for national policy now that the elections are over.
Audience participation is encouraged via 2-way video platform.